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Threading tools (thread-cutting/forming taps)

The GBA203 is a fully automatic thread-cutting grinding machine with integrated robot for grinding right-hand and left-hand threads on thread-cutting and thread-forming taps in the range from M1 to M25. The high-dynamic linear motors help to ensure the relief kinematics. And, despite its compact size, the GBA203 ensures high productivity thanks to high-speed grinding technology (80 m/s), making it suitable for the high-volume production of standard threading tools. OnBoard profile calculation (soon with 21” multi-touch panel) and workpiece-specific HMI allow for short setup times.

Technical Data:

Workpiece diameter M25
Grinding length max.* 190 mm
Lead angle A max. +/- 10/6 °
Oscillation frequency (X) max. 70 Hz

Machining example: Thread-cutting tap (ISO) M6

Lead p 1.0 mm
Thread length 10 mm
Number of flutes 3 (spiral)
Oscillation frequency (X) max. 70 Hz
Flute angle 40 °
Chamfer angle 16 °
Cycle time 45 sec (threads and chamfer)


Retrofitting or modernising an existing machine is often a better alternative to investing in a new machine. This kind of modernisation allows you to make use of any base machine elements that are still in good condition (e.g. machine bed, various cast parts). Here, change-speed gears etc. are replaced with CNC drives, any existing dressing technology is usually replaced with flexible CNC dressing.

Modernisation is completed with a high-performance CNC control system with user-friendly dialogue programming and the option for state-of-the-art remote diagnostics.

These machines can also be equipped with an automatic loading system and/or specific profiling software and much more.

This could possibly be a more cost-effective alternative to a new machine.

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