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Heligrind SH

Gear worms

The new Heligrind series is based on a mineral-cast machine body with excellent damping characteristics and outstanding thermal properties. This is crucial for ensuring compliance with critical tolerances and surfaces. The series also makes use of linear and torque motor technology in the main axes and motor grinding spindles. With 21-inch multi-touch panel and OnBoard profile calculation, creating programs is child’s play thanks to the easy data input, you don’t even need any prior programming knowledge.

The new Heligrind SH series in travelling column construction is suitable for a wide range of grinding applications thanks to its modular structure. This includes the pre-grinding and finish grinding of drive worms. Precision when grinding single-start and multi-start drive worms up to module 14 and more (with standard profiles in acc. with DIN such as ZI, ZK, ZA, ZN and ZC) is in the range of 3 – 6 according to DIN 3962.

Technical Data:

Workpiece diameter 250 (400) mm
Grinding length max.* 1.000 mm
Lead angle A max. +/- 125 °

*(other models available)


Retrofitting or modernising an existing machine is often a better alternative to investing in a new machine. This kind of modernisation allows you to make use of any base machine elements that are still in good condition (e.g. machine bed, various cast parts). Here, change-speed gears etc. are replaced with CNC drives, any existing dressing technology is usually replaced with flexible CNC dressing.

Modernisation is completed with a high-performance CNC control system with user-friendly dialogue programming and the option for state-of-the-art remote diagnostics.

These machines can also be equipped with an automatic loading system and/or specific profiling software and much more.

This could possibly be a more cost-effective alternative to a new machine.

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